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Global Citizenship Cultural awareness online course

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2022-12-13 09:58:37

Global Citizenship Cultural awareness online course

        Global Citizenship, a free online course on ThaiMOOC from Thammasat University, get to know the concept of global citizenship, global injustice, characteristics of global citizenship, shared values, cultural awareness, cultural relativism, cultural ethnology, cultural capital, globalization of people and workplace.

        This is suitable for students who are preparing to enter the working world, early start, including people who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of international perspectives and attitudes.

        The curriculum structure is divided into 5 chapters: Knowledge of Global Citizenship, The Impact of Global Citizenship on Today's Society, Types of Global Citizens, Cultural Diversity, and Exchange Work Experiences Internationally.

        It takes only 3 hours to study, and you receive a certificate when you have a test result at the end of the chapter and after passing the specified criteria.

See more details and register at  https://lms.thaimooc.org/.../course-v1:TU+TU001+2021/course

Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham