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How to fight covid: Find, Give, End

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2022-03-09 10:39:44

        After March 1, 2022, the Ministry of Public Health has revised the green treatment guidelines to be "Find, Give, End". When people "found" that they are infected with COVID from a positive ATK test, doctors will consider "give” dispensing medication according to symptoms and “end” by having the infected person take care of themselves at home as an outpatient or OPD.

        People suspected of being infected with COVID-19 self-test ATK and found that 2 lines are positive, no need to double-check with RT-PCR, but call the hospital according to the treatment rights available (health insurance, social security, gold card) or call NHSO hotline 1330 press 14 immediately.

        If the patient is not at risk, isolate home quarantine for 7-10 days with a single dose of medication. Call for follow-up 48 hours/time without food and symptom assessment equipment such as a thermometer fingertip oxygen meter. However there is still a transmission system when symptoms are worse.

For those who are at risk, they are divided into 3 cases as follows:

   1. Patients with mild symptoms, no pneumonia, no risk factors for severe disease/no major co-morbidities, they will be matched with a medical facility to access the treatment system at home or waiting center. There is tele-health care, the doctor will determine whether or not to give favipiravir. There is a referral system when symptoms get worse. There is a follow-up call, a thermometer and a fingertip oximeter, and deliver food to home.

   2. Patients with mild symptoms but there are risk factors for severe disease or patients with pneumonia consider hospitalization.

   3. Patients with very severe diseases consider hospitalization.

Those who are at risk or who are close to the patient but ATK test is negative, isolate at home and repeat the test after 7 days. If the result is still negative, observe for another 3 days.

For more information, call 1330, 24 hours’ service.