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World Ocean Day

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2022-06-09 09:24:12

วันมหาสมุทรโลก : World Ocean Day

        To raise awareness about the use of the ocean and its living and non-living ocean resourcesม UNESCO's International Oceanography Committee (IOC) has been supporting the World Ocean Network since 2002 by hosting an ocean awareness event on June 8 every year.

        "Revitalization: collective action for the ocean" is the theme of World Ocean Day 2022 which was established by the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences.

        The ocean is covering more than 70% of the world, the oceans are the source of life for mankind and all other life on earth.

        Oceans produce at least 50% of the world's oxygen and are home to most of the world's biodiversity and is the primary source of protein for more than a billion people worldwide. Oceans are also key to the economy. An estimated 40 million people will be employed by ocean industry by 2030.

Even though all its benefits, the ocean is now in need of support.

        90% of the large fish populations are depleted and 50% of the reefs are destroyed 80% of the ocean waste is man-made.

        Humans are taking more from the ocean than they can compensate. So we must work together to create a new balance with the ocean, revitalize and bring new life to the ocean.

        This year, the United Nations will host its first hybrid celebration on June 8, 2022 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. It will focus on the 2022 theme of “Regeneration: Working Together for the Oceans” to reveal the wonders of the oceans and the importance of the oceans to humanity and all other life on earth.