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Milky Way: The Romance of the Sky

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2021-08-09 15:37:00

The Milky Way or a group of stars seen as white across the sky.

        It is a natural phenomenon that humans have noticed since the past. 

        The name of the Milky Way in each language each culture, indicates beliefs, legends, attitudes both towards society at that time and orbiting the sky. 

        The Thai name, the Milky Way, implies a white elephant, a majestic beast of the king and believed to have come from the Daowadung heaven. Scandinavians call the Milky Way “The Winter Street” because it is most visible in winter. 

        Many European countries The Milky Way is called the “Flying Bird Way”, believing that birds use these routes to lead home. 

        While East Asia such as China, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea view these constellations as rivers. The word Milky Way that we are most familiar with comes from Latin. 

        Read the full article by the Thai space news agency at https://spaceth.co/the-name-milky-way/

The name of the Milky Way, the hidden romance in different languages around the world.