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Khao Chae, a seasonal delicacy.

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2024-04-10 15:41:53

        Khao Chae is a rare Thai dish that is served cold. From March to May, use icy water of Khao Chae to stay cool.

        Khao Chae originated as a food in the Mon people's Songkran tradition. Place into the royal court by Mon lineage officials and returned to the villagers when the royal residence was relocated to Phetchaburi Province. As a result, Khao Chae in Thailand is classified into three types: Royal Khao Chae, Khao Chae Muang Phet, and Khao Chae Mon.

        When eating Khao Chae, do not mix side dishes into the rice. The side dishes and rice must be scooped out in separate bites, beginning with salty and fishy side dishes like stuffed bell peppers and fried shrimp paste, then moving on to sweeter ones. Fresh vegetables can be eaten alongside to reduce grease and enhance flavor.

Written, translated, and illustrated by: Ratchanok T.