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Arts of The Kingdom Museum

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2021-09-10 15:08:04

        Arts of The Kingdom Museum, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province is an exhibition of craftsmanship of the Queen Sirikit Institute Chitralada, and the arts and crafts of the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts and Crafts in Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Her Majesty the Queen The Queen Mother. 

        The museum is divided the exhibits into categories. There is a personal speaker (Audio Guide) with a lecture screen and a touch screen displaying various information of the work. 

        The entrance hall exhibits an exquisitely beautiful rainbow-green insect wing room. The walls are decorated with weaving work in the Lipao area, inserting insect wings over it. 

        Big exhibition room showcasing handicrafts such as silverware, goldware, colored enamel, a replica of the royal barge from the royal barge procession; including the Sri Suphanhong Royal Barge, Mongkhon Suban Royal Barge, and the Sri Praphasarachai Royal Barge. The middle of the hull enshrines a golden Busabok with a tier and wood carving scenes of Sangthong and Himmapan. 

        The 2nd floor exhibits a large gold niello scene entitled "Ramakiat", silk thread embroidery scene in ancient ways, a replica of the Busabok Mala Maha Chakkraphat Phiman Throne Hall, a replica of the Throne Hall 

        Within the area is also available Souvenir shop, Thai dessert shop, sweets from Wang Ying College and coffee shop. 

        Open on Wednesday - Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Admission fee for adults is 150 baht, students, those aged 60 years and over are 75 baht. 

Reference : http://www.artsofthekingdom.com  

Reference  : https://www.museumthailand.com/th/museum/Arts-of-The-Kingdom-Museum