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Ikebana, beauty beyond flowers and vases.

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2022-04-11 13:43:17

        Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arranging influenced by China. This is starting from arranging flowers to worship the monks before being used in house arrangements and decorated in tea ceremonies.

        The basis of Ikebana is balance and harmony with nature. Ikebana calls a flower into three branches: Shin, Zoe, and Tai.

   Shin is the longest upright branch that represents the heavens.

   Zoe, a medium-long branch, represents a human being.

   Tai King is the shortest, representative of the land and nature.

        Cosmic relationships are told in a vase through three different branches. Which is often arranged using odd number of branches to make the flower shape come out as a triangle with unequal sides.

        Today, Japanese people still like to hold ikebana in tea ceremonies and practice it as a healing art to calm the mind. There is a belief that arranging flowers in the midst of silence calms the mind. Focusing on the present in front of them, can see the true beauty of nature, peace, relaxation, through the blooming and withering of flowers and life.

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