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Happy Pride Month Be proud of who you are.

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2024-06-11 10:37:15

        LGBTQIA+ is an abbreviation for the LGBTQIA+ community, which includes both gender identity and sexual orientation. In the beginning, there were just four abbreviations: LGBT. As more and more sexual orientations became available, different letters and the + sign were used to represent diversity. Reflect their identity as human beings.

        From a medical perspective LGBT people are not a disease or a mental disorder; rather, they are shaped by a combination of internal and external factors such as hormones, brain chemicals, upbringing, culture, and social background.

        Accepting that humans are more diverse than men and women will help us be more understanding and accepting of those who are diverse, respect all genders, and honor everyone equally as human beings.

Written, translated, and illustrated by: Ratchanok T.