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Summary of "vegetarian", the health trend of the era

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2022-07-11 10:52:30

Summary of "vegetarian", the health trend of the era

        Abstaining or reducing meat intake, it is a popular form of diet, weather for health reasons, environmental awareness to religious beliefs.

        Vegetarian Diet is to abstain from eating all kinds of meat, including five pungent plants: garlic, scallion, chives, chives, and tobacco leaves. Vegetarian diet is directly related to religious beliefs.

        Vegetarian, there are several types of vegetarians, such as Lacto-ovo Vegetarian, which is the largest group, focusing on plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, as well as milk and eggs; Pescatarians who also eat fish and seafood; or Fruitarian, who only eat fruits.

        Vegans do not eat meat and products from all kinds of animals. Do not use items of animal origin, such as leather, fur, or items that have been tested on animals. Vegan is environmental awareness without religion involved.

        Plant based is a rational eating style based on both health and environmental awareness. This group is still eating meat, but try to cut down as much as possible, such as 5% meat to 95% fruit and vegetables, and focus on protein substitutes from beans or other plant proteins. Nowadays, there are more and more restaurants and products related to plant base.

Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham