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Literature stirring "Phuea Chart" and Luang Wichitwathakan

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2022-08-11 11:15:40

        Major General Luang Wichitwatakarn (11 August 1898 - 31 March 1962) Wichit Wichitwatakarn, formerly Kimliang Wattanapruda, was an honorary diplomat, politician, diplomat, composer and writer. He started thinking about changing the name of Siam is Thailand.
        Get educated while ordained and self-educated, then gain knowledge of English, German and French. Then he began to serve at the Consular Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs until receiving the position of Assistant Secretary at the Royal Thai Embassy in Paris, France and the Royal Thai Embassy in London, United Kingdom.
        During the Second World War while serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs, he decided to allow Japan to march through Malaya. When the war ended, he was imprisoned as a war criminal, after that he being judged not guilty.
        Luang Wichitwat's return to life as a novelist. He wrote academic books, plays, and novels with success in both writing and many works of rousing songs for historical dramas, such as the song "Wake Up Thai People" Thai family song, Thai love song, Suphan blood songs, Laemthong songs, and Krua Thalang songs.

Major General Luang Wichitwathakan Died on March 31, 1962 of congestive heart failure, aged 63 years.

Collection of “Luang Wichitwathakan” selected by Academic Resource Center
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