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Tea Party Dolls : Art that must be fed with hot tea.

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2021-10-11 15:16:14

Tea Party Dolls : Art that must be fed with hot tea.

        Tea Pet or Cha Chong was originally a handicraft that the artist created a teapot in his spare time. Used to decorate the tea table to be beautiful and add the aesthetics of drinking tea.

        The styles of tea party dolls include utensils such as stone mills, wells, brushes, imaginary animals, and creatures such as dragons, kirin, fish, grains, nuts, chestnuts, or various fruits, to religious symbols such as the Little Novice, the Royal Chinese, the Twelve Zodiac to the head of the Buddha.

         In addition to the beautiful exterior some tea party dolls also have internal mechanisms, such as frog dolls that can spew water when poured with hot water.

        Tea party dolls are increasingly popular among tea drinkers. The price of a tea party doll can range from hundreds to tens of thousands. It depends on the raw materials used to sculpt and the artist who sculpts it.

        The raw materials used to make tea party dolls include zhisha clay, chengni clay, and ceramics, but the most popular is zhisha clay, which comes in a variety of colors.

        Tea drinkers like to feed the dolls by pouring hot water or tea by the tea on the dolls. A doll that has been poured with tea for a long time, the skin color of the Zhisha clay dolls will turn darker, more juicy, shiny, and dimensional. The ceramic dolls will have ivory marks. The longer it is raised, the more beautiful and valuable it becomes.

        Tea party dolls allow tea drinkers to enjoy while enjoying tea also reflects the Chinese tea ceremony culture and show the taste Characteristics of the caregiver as well.