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M.L Nueng Nilrat's 110th birthday

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2023-10-11 16:12:14

M.L Nueng Nilrat's 110th birthday

        M. L. Nueang Nilrat was born on October 11, 1913, the daughter of M. R. An Nilrat and Mrs. Phuek Nilrat Na Ayutthaya. She grew up in Suan Sunandha Palace with her grandmother, who is the head of the royal kitchen. She was taught cooking as well as various handicrafts.

        M.L Nueng is a skilled cook who has written about life in Suan Sunandha Palace and royal food in magazines such as Food-Hotel-Travel, Lada, and Ploy Kam Phet. They were later collected in books such as Life in the Palace and Life Outside the Palace. Furthermore, she gave interviews and demonstrations of royal cooking through various media, gaining public interest. In 2003, she received the Narathip Award.


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Written, translated, and illustrated by: Ratchanok T.