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Leptospirosis, disasters associated with floods

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2022-10-12 15:15:49

        Leptospirosis is an epidemic that can be found during the rainy season. Because rainwater will wash away the pathogens in the environment flowing together in the flooded area. It can infect humans through prolonged soaking in water with germs, especially those with skin wounds.

        The symptoms of the disease have both mild symptoms, there are sudden high fever, muscle aches especially around the calves. The most common symptoms are fever, muscle pain, pneumonia, enlarged lymph nodes, abnormal bleeding, and possibly death.

        Leptospirosis can be prevented by avoiding swimming or wading in water that may be contaminated with the pathogen or always wear protective boots if necessary. After touching the water that may be contaminated, wash it quickly. Regularly inspect water sources and sandy soil that may be contaminated. Drain the water through the drain and rinse to remove any contaminated water.

Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham