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Happy Pride Month : Understanding the Identity and Gender Behind LGBTQIA+

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2022-06-13 12:12:31

        LGBTQIA+  is an abbreviation for people who are diversity in terms of gender, identity, and sexuality. Initially there were only 4 abbreviations. That are LGBT. As gender diversity becomes more diverse, letters and + symbols are added to show diversity, reflecting who they are as a human being.

LGBTQIA+ stands for

   L Lesbian - females who are interested in female sex together

   G Gay - Males who are interested in same gender, sometimes gay is also used in the term of a whole homosexuality.

   B Bisexual - A group that likes either the opposite gender or the same gender.

   T Transgender - A group of people whose gender identity or expression does not match their gender.

   Q Queer / Questioning - A group of homosexuals as a whole. It is also representing Questioning, a group of people questioning their sexuality. Still don't know what to choose but not by born gender.

   I Intersex - Gender ambiguity, people with special hormones, chromosomes, or genitalia different from males or females in general.

   A Asexual / Agender - A group of people who are not sexually active. There is no sexual attraction to either males or females. The letter A also refers to the unspecified group (Agender).

  (+) Plus sign - There are alternatives to LGBTQIA that exist and may increase in the future, such as Non-Binary, people who do not traditionally want to identify their gender as male or female. All genders regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

        Medically, LGBT people do not have the disease or have a mental disorder, but it is a variety of internal and external ingredients, such as hormones, brain chemicals, upbringing, culture, and social foundations that shape a person.

        Learning to accept that gender is more diverse than men and women. It helps us to understand and accept people with more diversity, respect all genders, and respect everyone as human beings equally.