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BOOK ZOO EXHIBITION Industrial bookbinding, sizing & special techniques compact exhibition

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2021-12-13 10:58:27

        An exhibition that tells about the diversity of paper, book and printing through displaying books and publications in various formats that can be produced for use at present. The variety of prints that tell the way of paper in the modern world. A thin sheet of paper that can be transformed. The role when typography or print design is elaborate it is valuable to humans from the transmission of knowledge until it becomes an intellectual weapon.

        The books and publications on display at the exhibition are a projection of the craftsmanship of book and print production. It is knowledge for print designers and people in the book industry which is the source of the publishing industry. It also inspires students and the younger generation through the creation and production of prints and books. Everything in the Book Zoo Exhibition will give readers the pleasure of picking up a book and touching the paper the next time they turn the pages of a book.

The exhibition is divided into 3 parts: Bookbinding, Sizing, and Special Printing Techniques

        Exhibition of book bindings and publications from the beginning of the process of stacking the actual pages waiting for the book to be bound to the cover (Book block) and then to the book binding.

        SIZING show book size samples by emphasizing the size of the book that can be produced for actual use, specialized publications that are still produced for use and trial printing in various sizes.


        Showcasing special techniques in various types of printing both with the paper material and new printing techniques such as die-cut stamping, embossing, submerged stamping, foil stamping, etc.

        BOOK ZOO EXHIBITION display at the Goethe-Institut Library (Goethe-Institut Thailand) during 11 - 22 December 2021 open on Monday to Thursday 09:30 - 18:00 / Saturday and Sunday 08:00 - 15:00 (closed on Friday)

This exhibition is part of the 3rd Bangkok Book Festival : www.bangkokbookfestival.co