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LearnBig : Digital Library for Early Childhood Education

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ admin
2021-09-15 14:16:33

        LearnBig is a digital library developed for basic literacy and numeracy skills of migrant children, ethnic minorities, stateless children, and marginalized children along the Thai-Myanmar border.

        However, due to the COVID situation, LearnBig has been applied to education in the curriculum more and more especially in elementary school.

        It is collecting the Ministry of Education's books, lesson plans, teacher manuals, exercises, and many Thai cartoons.

        Users can download textbooks, part time books, and teaching materials in Thai, Burmese, and Malay through both websites and applications.

        LearnBig is available for free download for ios, android and wesite.

REF : https://www.learnbig.net