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The Scar, love and waiting wounds by Mai Muang Doem

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2022-06-16 12:56:07

        Mai Muang Doem, Krishna Phungbun and Kris Phungbunrit were pen names of Kan Phungbun Na Ayudhya (16 June 1905 – 4 March 1942).
        The works of Mai Muang Doem are outstanding in their unique language expressions known as Luk Thung rhetoric, it presents a story mainly about the lives of villagers in rural Thai society.
        In addition, the works of Mai Muang Doem also have a conceptual aspect that shows the social system of the villagers in Thai society and culture, which is something that keeps the members of society together.
        Mai Muang Doem's most famous writings are "The Scar", which has been made into movies and TV series several times. The 1977 film "The Scar" was selected as one of the 100 Thai films that Thai people should watch. It has been awarded both domestically and internationally several times and has been declared a national film heritage
        Before being famous with The Scar Kan uses the pen name Krit Phungbunrit to write a novel Chao Wang in 1935, which is a story about women who love women. It was a rather cutting-edge social satire that received extremely negative reviews at that time.
        Kan Puengboon Na Ayudhaya died at the age of 37 from alcoholism leaving only his work of art that Thai people will not forget.

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