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Bend Blockbuster Video : The last video rental store

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2021-09-16 15:36:52

Bend Blockbuster Video : The last video rental store

        In 2004 was a golden time for the video sales and rental business. Blockbuster opens more than 9,000 locations worldwide.

        Today, this well-known video store is still in operation with only one store.

        The 2008 recession, the emergence of Netflix and Redbox, and other video streaming put the blockbuster in bankruptcy and must close all stores within the management of the company.

        Only independent video stores are licensed to use blockbuster titles that can still continue.

        But these independent blockbusters are closed down. As the Internet world speeds up and video streaming has become commonplace.

        In 2018, a blockbuster in Alaska closed that summer, making Bend in Oregon, being the last blockbuster in America.

        After the Australian blockbuster closed in 2019, Bend became the only blockbuster in the world.

        Bend Blockbuster Video has become a tourist attraction that people are interested in and survive by adjusting several business plans, such as sending home video and renting overnight in-store to watch the video at your own pace.

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