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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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2022-03-17 09:55:11

        Saint Patrick's Day, observed on March 17, is both a national and religious holiday in Ireland. This Day of Remembrance of Saint Patrick's Protector of Ireland is one of the most celebrated in Ireland.

        Overseas Irish have also made the greens, clover, and dark beer of St. Patrick's Day to a festival celebrated around the world.

        The main symbol of Saint Patrick's Day, the green color was later designated to match the colors of the Irish flag. Originally today, blue is the color of St. Patrick's symbol.

        Clover leaf or shamrock leaf, a tree that commonly grows in Ireland, a symbol of spring and it is believed that Saint Patrick used this leaf to describe the Trinity.

        Saint Patrick's Day also has a spirit that plays an important role in the feast, called the Leprechaun. It is a small humanoid, green body, magical, and wearing a top hat. Serves as guarding the cauldron containing gold at the end of the rainbow.

        Two of the things Saint Patrick's Day celebrations take place entirely outside of Ireland are: Corn Beef and Cabbage Feast and a parade that's as fun as Mardi Gras. Both of these things were made by Irish immigrants in the United States.

        Many landmarks around the world also celebrate by changing colors to match the shrine, for example by dyeing certain parts of the Chicago River to be green, London Eye light up India Gate Green. In Mumbai, India will also light up green and white during this festival.