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Suan Sunandha’s Waterfront Buddha Pavilion

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2023-07-17 10:57:51

Suan Sunandha’s Waterfront Buddha Pavilion

        Suan Sunandha originally had Buddha Sunandhakon, the Buddha image in the giving blessing posture, as the university's emblem. Later, the university was given a Chiang Saen Buddha image with a lap size of 58 inches as a place of dedication for general Buddhists.

        Because it is a large Buddha image, the university needed to find a suitable location for and decided on building an octagonal waterfront pavilion with the meaning of the Eightfold Noble Path and in memory of the eight monarchs who were involved and used to stay at Suan Sunandha Palace. The stained glass was created with the royal insignia decorated on all eight sides of the eaves, and named Sala Satthatham.

        The Buddha image housed in the Sattha Dhamma pavilion It is a Chiang Saen Singha 1 Buddha image made of bronze that is over 100 years old and contains 9 Buddha relics. This Buddha image was originally rust-green in color before being repaired with new gilding lacquer.

        Compiled from: Suan Sunandha Archives, Office of Resource and Information Technology's Ceremony for containing the relics and enshrining the Chiang Saen Buddha Image, Singha Model 1, at Sala Sattha Dhamma.

Story and illustrations: Ratchanok Thongkhawkham