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Easter Spring Eggs and Bunnies

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2022-04-18 13:22:21

        Easter or Passover feast is a day to remember the resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. Today's symbols and celebrations are largely the way to start a new life. The word “Easter” comes from the goddess Estara (Eastara), the god of spring.

        Easter is a festival that has no fixed date. Each year's celebrations are based on lunar calculations. It is the first Sunday after the full moon in the 4th month. This usually happens from March to April, which is the spring season. It was the first outdoor activity after a long winter. This makes people, especially children, look forward to this festival.

        Easter eggs are the first thing people think of at this festival. Eggs represent rebirth or start a new life. In ancient times, chicken eggs were dyed red to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus, red is the commemoration of His Majesty's blood. In the early religious celebration, eggs will be smashed. Easter eggs are now painted in different ways, including making replica eggs and decorated with gems, also chocolate eggs to give to the children.
        The rabbit is another representative of Easter. It symbolizes rebirth and fertility. In Europe, rabbits are believed to be gift givers during this festival. Similar to Santa Claus at Christmas, kids leave empty baskets before bed to wait for the bunnies to fill them with candy, chocolate, and other treats at night.
On this day, Christians go to church to participate in religious ceremonies, sing praises to god. Bring their own painted Easter eggs to share or exchange, dining together and play the Easter Egg Hunt.