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Mango Sticky Rice: conquer the world's hearts.

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2023-04-20 13:37:18

        Many people are unfamiliar with the culture of eating rice with sweet fruits or bringing rice to make dessert. However, most people who have had the opportunity to try the sweet and refreshing flavor of mango sticky rice are fascinated.

        Kheiw Ngu rice is commonly used to make mango sticky rice, which is gently scrubbed with alum, steamed, and then mashed with coconut milk that has been simmered with sugar and salt until the rice grains are white, shiny, and not soggy.

        Thailand has a wide range of mangoes that are popular with sticky rice, including Ok Rong, Nam Dok Mai, Prahmin Khay Mia, Kaem Daeng, Kaew Luem Rang, Mahachanok, and others. Each mango has a distinct color, smell, and taste that you can adjust to your tastes.

        Sticky rice is served with peeled ripe mangoes, roasted golden beans for sprinkling, and a coconut cream sauce on top. The coconut cream used to spark debate on social media about whether it should be poured over rice or mango, showing Thai people's devotion to mango sticky rice.

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