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Free cannabis with restaurant

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2022-06-20 10:46:10

        Cannabis leaf contains glutamic acid, which enhances the flavor of food. As well as THC, which increases the aroma of food.  Cannabis has long been used in Thai culture for cooking. After unlocking Cannabis leaves can be used for cooking; restaurants, cafes and coffee shops invented recipes and beverages containing cannabis leaves.

        Legally edible cannabis is fresh cannabis leaves and must be purchased from a legally licensed growing and distribution site. Restaurants can't grow cannabis for their own cooking. Cannabis inflorescence and seeds is still considered a drug, and cannot be used to cook freely. That cannabis must have storage in a clean, hygienic, proportional in the right environment. Also need to provide communication of health information and be aware of safety to consumers.

What food vendors must do when selling cannabis-containing food

- Provide information that the place using cannabis

- List all foods that have used cannabis leaves.

- Shows the amount of cannabis leaf use as an ingredient per food item such as

Fried food: use 1-2 fresh hemp leaves in case of making omelets. Recommend half leaf-1 fresh leaf as THC and CBD are highly soluble in oil.

 Fried food: use 1 fresh cannabis leaf.

 Boiled food: use 1 fresh cannabis leaf.

 Mix in a drink size 200 ml. : use 1 fresh cannabis leaf.

   - Provides recommendations for the safety of consuming foods or beverages containing cannabis leaf.

   - Provides a warning to consumers at risk for food items that use cannabis leaves.

   - Do not display messages or advertisements for the prevention or treatment of diseases.

        Abhaibhubejhr Hospital is recommended to eat fresh cannabis leaves, fresh squeezed juice unheated. This is because THC in cannabis increases when heated. The longer it cooks, the higher it is. Especially stir-fried or deep-fried with oil that will extract the most THC. When the leaves are boiled and stewed as a soup, it is recommended to take only soup. Do not eat the leaves that have been put in.

        Also, old cannabis leaves or dried cannabis should not be eaten because they contain more THC than fresh cannabis leaves. You shouldn't consume multiple cannabis meals in one meal. Because it may get too much drunken substances accumulated in the body and do not eat cannabis leaves with alcohol.

        Cannabis is not an herb that can be eaten by all people. It is not recommended for children and adolescents under 25 years of age, pregnant and lactating women, those with liver problems, and impaired renal function, patients taking Warfarin thrombolytic medicine, patients taking medicine which affects the nervous system, patients with underlying diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, are not recommended.

Illustration by Bureau of Nutrition, Department of Health