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Get to know "orphan waste", garbage that everyone doesn't love.

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2022-03-23 12:27:59

        Orphaned waste or waste that cannot be recycled is: non-recyclable plastic, cloth, old mattress, old clothes, drink glasses and covers, covid test kits, foam boxes, fruit netting. These are causing problems for the environment and the scenery for a long time. These wastes, when picked from an antiques shop, only go to landfills, not able to be used for other benefits.

        Many agencies, especially private companies that operate thermal power plants, came up with a project to donate these orphaned wastes to be burned in cement kilns and generate electricity, for example, at the Chonburi Power Plant or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Power Plant.

        The collected waste is processed through various processes. To improve the physical and chemical properties of solid waste to become fuel waste (Refuse Derived Fuel; RDF) Such as the separation of combustible materials, tear or cut the solid waste into small pieces. The resulting fuel waste can be used as a fuel to produce energy.

        Processed fuel waste has higher calorific value or better fuel properties than directly collected solid waste. Because it has more consistent chemical and physical composition. The advantage of fuel waste is that its heating costs are higher than that of general solid waste. Easy to store, transport, manage as well as having a low impact on the environment.

        Many agencies have started projects to accept orphan waste such as the orphanage waste project of N15 Technology Company. Which has a schedule to open donation points in various places in Bangkok and its vicinities. You can follow the details of the donation via the company facebook page at www.facebook.com/n15technology.