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How to fight covid : UCEP Plus Criteria for treatment from covid.

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2022-03-21 13:27:11

        UCEP (Universal Coverage for Emergency Patients) is the right to treatment according to government policy. To protect critical emergency patients to be able to receive treatment in all the nearest hospitals without having to pay until out of crisis and able to move safely, but not more than 72 hours.

        UCEP Plus is the criteria, methods and conditions for determining the cost of emergency operations for critically ill patients. In the case of Covid-19 patients who have yellow and red symptoms, the hospital can be hospitalized anywhere until recovery. It is not limited to 72 hours like normal UCEP and it is free.
        Green patients who do not meet the criteria for UCEP Plus can receive free treatment at hospitals in the gold patent network, social security or civil servant rights.

        However, if the patient or relative wishes to go to a hospital outside the network will be responsible for the expenses. Moreover, if the symptoms turn yellow or red then can be referred to other hospitals using UCEP Plus privileges as well.

Criteria for the screening of critical emergency patients in case of COVID-19 (UCEP Plus) are as follows:
   1. Cardiac arrest have an obstruction of the airway acute dyspnoea, shock, coma, lethargy (compared to level of consciousness) or seizure at first exposure at isolation; or
   2. Fever more than 39°C for more than 24 hours, or rapid breathing of more than 25 breaths per minute in adults or oxygen in the blood at first exposure is less than 94%, or the oxygen level is 3% lower than normal when exerted, or the underlying disease is severely changed or require close follow-up at the discretion of the physician.
   3. Other symptoms there are shortness of breath, rapid breathing, risk factors for severe symptoms or co-morbidities, such as age over 60 with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, other chronic lung diseases, cardiovascular disease, congenital heart disease, stroke, uncontrolled diabetes, obesity, over 90 kg, pregnant women, cirrhosis, immunosuppression, and white blood cell count less than 1000 cells per microliter, and others are at the discretion of the screener by exercising the right.

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