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Phra Buddha Maha Manee Ratana Patimakorn

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2023-03-22 18:23:12

        For over 230 years, the Emerald Buddha, or Phra Buddha Maha Manee Ratana Patimakorn, has been enshrined as the main Buddha image in Wat Phra Si Rattana Satsadaram, Grand royal palace, which used to be the center of the country's administration and has since become a religious object, the center of Buddhists' hearts.

        The Emerald Buddha is assumed to have been created by Lanna artisans. The lap is 48.3 centimeters wide and 66 centimeters high, carved from light green jade in meditation posture, and is thought to have been made during the Chiang Saen period or before. Was discovered in Chiang Rai before being summoned to be enshrined in various provinces based on the rise and fall of political power at the time.

        Phra Buddha Maha Manee Rattana Patimakorn is still an important Buddha image for the country's royal ceremonies and ceremonies, including the three-times-a-year ceremony of changing clothes to represent the start of a new season.