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Find a specialist online with "ZeekDoc"

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2021-07-22 21:10:37

Find a specialist online with "ZeekDoc"

        Anyone who is slightly ill and does not want to travel to see a doctor in person During the Covid-19 situation Try downloading the ZeekDoc application, a new way to find and schedule a doctor's appointment near you. It can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS operating systems.

        The application will be registered with the name and surname. Phone number, email, date of birth and gender for basic information for the doctor. Once registered Then select the specialty of the doctor you wish to make an appointment with covering more than 40 fields, including general medicine, dentistry, orthopedic, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiovascular, cancer, allergy and immunology, etc., and select the area to be searched.

        The application will search for a list of doctors who are affiliated with hospitals near your home. It will process and appear the doctor's name. Name of the hospital affiliated with hospital address Educational history information Doctor's work history It contains information about doctors who are affiliated with reputable government hospitals and medical schools and do part-time examinations at private hospitals or clinics.

        When choosing a doctor The system will inform the date and time that the doctor is convenient. To allow application users to reserve time and answer basic questions After that, you will receive an appointment letter with the doctor's details. Name of the hospital affiliated with the patient's name, date and time of booking However, before the appointment time, there will be an advance notification system as well.

        For those who are not good at making appointments with a doctor via the ZeekDoc application, try booking through the website. https://zeekdoc.com as well. Importantly, the service to contact this doctor is free! No cost at all.