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Eat well with Green Dee

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2021-07-22 21:10:58

Eat well with Green Dee

        Good health and strength must come from within the body. Therefore, refueling with nutritious food. contains vitamins for the body It will help to strengthen the wear and tear and make the body healthy. far from disease Considered that the selection of food is necessary and very important.

        A highly recommended app called Green Dee brings together healthy food from farmers, producers,  shops, markets, restaurants and learning resources with a focus on organic agriculture. Focus on healthy and safe food.

The application is divided into 5 categories

              The Food category is about food. It is divided into rice, vegetables, meat/milk/eggs, fruit, coffee/tea, and others.

              Farmer section introduces farmers who produce food in each region.

              The Eat&Drink category introduces food and beverage outlets.

              Marke&Shop section introduces flea markets and shops.

              The Activity section introduces learning resources, training centers, learning centers and accommodation, all with a focus on healthy and safe food.

        Having the Green Dee app on your smartphone will make it easier than ever to select healthy and wholesome foods. Because the application has compiled for users to know the source of food. source of production or source of goods directly It can also help you decide what foods to eat that suit your needs.