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23 May : World Turtle Day

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2022-05-23 12:53:17

        World Turtle Day was established by the land turtle and sea turtle conservation and American Tortoise Rescue to promote turtle awareness, create awareness among people to conserve all kinds of turtles.

        Although turtles are known to be long-lived animals but turtle populations are steadily declining around the world. Both from accidentally, getting caught in fishing gear, smuggling turtle eggs, and the problem of reduced turtle spawning and feeding grounds.

        Thailand has a population of 5 species of sea turtles, but only 4 species of sea turtles are found to lay eggs, namely starfish, grass turtles, green turtles and loggerhead turtles. The largest spawning grounds are in the Khram Islands, Chonburi.

        There are more than 13 species of freshwater turtles in Thailand and 3 species of land turtles including six turtles, spur turtles, and yellow turtles.