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Kor. Surangkhanang national artist literature (novel)

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2022-06-23 13:55:05

        Kanha Kiengsiri, the owner of the pen name Kor. Surangkhanang, Rosmarin, Nakorn Suraphan and Monruedi were born in the family of royal officials. Educated at the St. Francis Xavier Convent School and the Queen's School, knowledge of Thai, English and French. After graduated, she worked as a teacher at the Queen's School for a while before resigning as a full-time writer.
        She started writing her first short story called Malini posted in Daily Mail on Monday in 1930 while studying in Grade 6. Kor. Surangkhanang's most famous novel is Baan Sai Thong, and has been portrayed several times in theatre, TV series and movies.
        Ban Saithong is the first novel that is mainly about after marriage life. Instead of having a happy marriage and living together, at the end of the story like a typical novel of the same era. Including the role of maintaining rights or "claiming rights", which is rarely talked about in Thai society.
        Besides writing, she was also the owner and editor of the Muang Thong Daily newspaper, director of Narinat Weekly Magazine and owner of Wattanasilp Publishing House. She was coined as a national artist in Literature in 1986.
        Kor. Surangkhanang passed away on June 23, 1999 of old age, 88 years old.

Story and illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham