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Olympus to the Olympics : From the Mountains to the Sports of Mankind

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2021-07-23 15:43:53

        Mount Olympus is the highest peak in Greece. According to the Odyssey epic legend, it is said to be the sacred place and home of the ancient Greek gods. This mountain range was the birthplace of the Olympic Games millennium B.C.

         Olympiads is a feast for the god Zeus. Each state sends its own representatives to compete in various sports. In the beginning there was only running. Then it was added to the 5 main sports, there are  running, long jumping, discus throwing, javelin throwing and wrestling. Only men were allowed to compete and be spectators.

        Athletes will compete without clothing, to show off the proportions of the body that was popular in those days. The winner will be rewarded with a crown made of olive leaves and was honored to travel around every state as a representative of the gods.

        During the competition, various states where there may be conflicts, an armistice must be established to send representatives to participate in the competition. It is the spirit of the Olympics that transcends all conflicts, leaving only athleticism. After more than 1200 years of running the competition, this competition has been cancelled.

        The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 in Athens. To commemorate the ancient Olympic Games and the competition is scheduled to be held every 4 years with the member nations rotating to host. Sports are added according to the appropriateness of the era.


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