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Bikini : Origin of Two Piece Swimsuits

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2023-04-24 09:42:55

Bikini : Origin of Two Piece Swimsuits
        Bikini or two-piece swimsuit, one of summer's memories, but few people acknowledge that the bikini originated in France in the 1940s. The world's first bikini used only 30 square inches of fabric and couldn't find a model willing to wear it until a casino stripper was hired to wear it for a model walk. As a result, the first bikini has appeared in the fashion world.
        Bikinis were initially frowned upon by the majority of society because they revealed too much skin. Bikinis were prohibited in many European countries until they made their way to Hollywood. Many well-known actresses are seen wearing bikinis. As a result, this style of two-piece swimsuit has grown in popularity, particularly after being worn on set by Bond Girl in several James Bond films.
Bikini gets its name from the Bikini Atoll, a ring-shaped island in the Pacific Ocean where atomic bombs were tested in order to convey that bikini can shake the world in the same way that the atomic bomb did.
Story and illustrations: Ratchanok Thongkhawkham