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S. Plainoi: Guru of Miscellaneous.

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2023-05-24 10:51:31

S. Plainoi: Guru of Miscellaneous.
        Mr. Sombat Plainoi, aka S. Plainoi, has been interested to write since he was in high school. He began his career as a teacher before moving on to work as a journal editor for the Ministry of Education and the National Cultural Commission. During that time, he regularly wrote and published his works until his early retirement from government service to focus solely on writing.
        He can write a variety of books, but documentaries, stories, and biographies are his most well-known works.
        Over 100 books have been published, including botanical fiction, life in a boathouse, animal fiction, Himmapan creatures, Chao Phraya Wichayen, Bangkok Story, and the Encyclopedia of Thai History. There are also works published in various journals and magazines.
        S. Plainoi was named an outstanding cultural person in the field of literature (documentary) by the Office of the National Cultural Commission in 1996, and a National Artist in the field of literature (documentary, short stories) in 2010.

Mr. Sombat Plainoi, 93, died from COVID-19 in 2022.
Story and illustrations: Ratchanok Thongkhawkham