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“Food Choice” Application to help you "read labels" by nectec

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2022-04-25 15:10:10

        “FoodChoice” Health and Lifestyle Monitoring Research Laboratory (HLM), National Electronics and Computer Technology Center has developed “FoodChoice”. A mobile application that provides nutrition education. By scanning barcodes on food package to solve the problem of looking at product labels with small letters, very detailed, and quick product comparison.

        Food Choice will show nutrition information, health advice, such as advice for diabetes recommendations for high blood pressure to compare and buy the same product and choose to eat appropriately.

        If the scan does not find the information on the label. Users can take pictures in front of the product, nutrition information, product components and the 13-digit FDA number through an application to keep the information up-to-date and complete at all times.

        Food Choice works for both ios and android systems and can be downloaded through the AppStore and GooglePlay for free.