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Watermelon Smoothie : Summer cool-down drinks.

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2023-04-26 10:26:37

        Watermelon, like coconut, is a symbol of summer in many countries. Watermelon in the form of a watermelon smoothie is another item that tourists ask for when visiting Thailand.
        Thais eat watermelon flesh as a dessert and snack, such as watermelon with dried fish, and use the white flesh to make sour soup, soup, and compote. Watermelon is high in fluid, low in calories, good for weight loss, skin nourishing, and high in vitamin A and lycopene. The white flesh is high in fiber, which acts as a diuretic and lowers blood pressure.
        The main ingredients for watermelon smoothies are only watermelon, ice, syrup, and a technique that adds a little salt, less than 1/8 teaspoon, while blending. Without adding any saltiness, the salt will balance out the sweetness of the melon and syrup.
        Other ingredients such as lemon juice, milk, yogurt, salak syrup, mint, or even alcoholic beverages can be added to this cool drink to add tastes and uniqueness.

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Story and illustrations: Ratchanok Thongkhawkham