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Wit Vlog

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2022-10-26 13:47:05

        Blogger and YouTuber are another profession that many people start to pay attention to. It is popular in online society, people of all ages, all professions, all lifestyles. They can earn money through producing their own shows.

        Vlogs are created by combining video and blog, making vlogs focused on presenting stories through video media. Which grabs the attention of the audience more than just reading the blog.

There are many vloggers, how to make a difference?

        Most viewers are not only interested in the content of the video. However, another element that is equally important is how the content is presented story, presentation style, sequencing, and good editing

        To encourage youth and the general public knows how to produce vlog. Plearn science provides online courses wit vlog for learners to know how to produce their own programs easily, creating interesting content, know the device, and how to easily edit with a smartphone. After completing the course, you will also receive a certificate from the National Science Museum (NHSO) as well.

Online register at: www.plearnscience.com/course/wit-vlog/63
Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham