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Sunscreen: A must-have item in your summer bag.

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2023-04-27 11:11:40

        Sunscreen is a type of skin care cosmetic that contains sunscreen ingredients. They have the ability to protect the face or body from ultraviolet or UV rays in sunlight, such as UVA, UVB, and UVC, which are harmful to the skin in both beauty and health, causing dullness, burning skin, wrinkled skin, and even skin cancer.

        During World War II, sunscreen was invented to protect the skin of American soldiers from the Pacific sun and to prevent skin cancer. Then it developed into skin care for women's beauty.

        Sunscreens are available in both absorbing and reflecting varieties, with SPF (Sun Protective Factor) indicating how much UVB protection is provided. The recommended SPF for Thai skin should be higher than 15, depending on the activity and duration of time spent in the sun.

Story and illustrations: Ratchanok Thongkhawkham