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Elephant World : Elephant Museum Surin

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2021-07-27 21:29:34

        Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village is the residence of the Kui people. Which is an ethnic group that has settled in this area for hundreds of years. The wisdom that the Kui people have inherited from generation to generation is expertise in raising and training elephants born from family bonds.

        When new agricultural areas encroach on forests that provide food and habitat for elephants. Elephants have no home, no food, elephant herders have no work. The journey of the elephant companions to wander the streets of Thailand has begun.

        Surin Provincial Administrative organization has set up a project for the education center at Ban Ta Klang. To pilot the project to bring elephants back to their native land together with the zoo and many other agencies to help solve the problem of stray elephants and mahouts to gradually disappear.

        It is known as the world of elephants. The design of the elephant stadium is like an elephant's playground. Therefore, based on the size of the elephant as the main, to make visitors feel like walking into an elephant's house.

        The grandstand around the courtyard is designed to look like a hill in the Northeast. The soil used to supplement the area is laterite soil from digging a water reservoir to be used as a water source for elephants.

        Black stone that surrounds the stands is basalt. That are found only around Surin Province. It serves to prevent potential dangers from elephants because basalt is rough. This made the elephant with soft leather feet unable to walk up to the audience seating area.

        Elephant Museum is part of an open-air museum that looks like a pyramid mixed with a maze. It is constructed of more than 480,000 clay bricks. The entrance to the building is gradually masonry increases the height to a concave curve. It gives the impression of being a doorway that gradually leads a small person into the real world of elephants. So that the elephants can walk in as part of future exhibits.

        The air, wind and sound design of the museum is also included. Using the principles of sound language research or Sound Brick, there is a difference in sound in the area. There are trees along the walkway to help shade and absorb sound reflections.

        The world of elephants has been open to the public since March 2020. The project is located near the center for education, Elephant Village. There will be an elephant show. You can also experience the way of life of elephant herders every day.


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