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PM 2.5 silence danger near the city

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2022-10-27 12:37:53

        In winter, one thing that will come to visit people of Bangkok immediately besides the cold air, is probably PM 2.5 dust. That has been a major air pollution problem in recent years.

        PM 2.5 dust (Particulate Matters) is dust smaller than 2.5 microns or approximately 1 in 25 of the diameter of a human hair. This occurs from a variety of activities, such as the combustion of the engine and construction. Which are the two main causes of air pollution in large cities.

        Characteristics of a city with tall buildings, less ventilation, one-way direction must float up, together with the weather with fog in the morning, calm wind and closed weather, causing the accumulation of dust in the air to increase.

        PM 2.5 dust can combine with pollutants, such as hydrocarbons and heavy metals in the air, also their very small size they can penetrate through the filter of the nasal hairs to the trachea, and deep into the alveoli and penetrate into the bloodstream. Increased chances of heart disease and respiratory disease.

        Patients with allergies, lung diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, need to be especially careful about their health. Because this dust will make the disease relapse easily, including allergic skin and conjunctivitis.

        In the long term, lung function will be deteriorating. Emphysema can occur even without smoking.

        During the period of PM2.5 dust exceeds the standard, outdoor activities should be avoided. People should be in the house or building with a type of air purifier with HEPA filter.

         When it is necessary to leave the house, should wear a mask that can prevent dust PM2.5 and put it in the right way, take a shower and wash your face immediately after being exposed to dust pollution. If there are any abnormal symptoms, immediate medical attention.

Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham