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Check parcels online in eTracking

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2021-07-29 13:44:50

        In this era, online shopping is very close. During the COVID-19 epidemic in order to reduce the risk of traveling and the risk of having to touch This is one way to protect yourself and your family.

        The problem that follows after ordering online is Order status is not up to date. causing people to wait I don't know when So I took you to see an application for checking parcels.

        The application, called eTrackings, allows tracking parcel numbers that quickly update the status of the point of delivery. and can notify the parcel status There are several ways to access the app, including registration of the app directly via Facebook and via gmail. It can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

         App features This will help save the labor of merchants and customers. because there is a parcel detection system Both in the form of filling in numbers, scanning the QR Code and reading the parcel number from the picture. Which can scan for small Tracking Number automatically, no need to sit and type. do not waste time

        List of shipping companies that can track parcels within the eTrackings application such as Thailand Post, Kerry Express, Shopee Express, Flash Express, DHL Express, etc.

        after receiving the products ordered through online Should spray alcohol solution on the product box and immediately throw the box away. Ready to wash your hands with soapy water. to prevent and reduce the risk.

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