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Know and understand fingertip oxygen meter

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2021-07-29 13:45:09

Fingertip oximeter is a must-have item in times of asymptomatic infection.

        The 4th wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in Thailand has a large number of infected people. and is a severe type of virus as well From the survey found The vast majority of people infected with coronavirus do not show any symptoms before they show symptoms. It is often severe until the risk of death. but recently There is information shared that There is a medical device known as Fingertip oxygen meter or blood oxygen meter can help us monitor and track covid-19.

        Dr. Wittawat Siriprachai explained that during the first Covid-19 epidemic in Europe, there were many deaths. Especially for those who are confined at home, their symptoms suddenly deteriorate rapidly. causing them to be taken to the hospital in time for treatment, however, many patients No abnormal symptoms were found. when measuring blood oxygen was found to be very abnormally low causing sudden symptoms of respiratory failure This condition is called “happy hypoxemia” or “silent hypoxemia.”

        Even outside the patient has normal symptoms. But inside there is a hidden abnormality. We can measure it from the oxygen level in the blood. that measure the presence of hypoxia in the blood make it possible to receive treatment in a timely manner.

        The fingertip oxygen meter can measure the oxygen level. By emitting light waves from above that are around the nail. through the finger down to the photoreceptor on the other side of the user's fingertip to measure hemoglobin that binds to oxygen in the blood Then it was taken to calculate the oxygen concentration in the blood. out as a percentage (percentage) and displayed on the screen of the device with the following measurement values: (reference information Lanna Hospital)

95% or more, blood oxygen is normal.

90 – 94% be careful of abnormal symptoms.

Less than 90% have hypoxia. Should seek immediate medical attention.

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