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How to fight covid : New Normal in the temple

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2022-03-30 13:15:15

How to fight covid : New Normal in the temple

        Religious activities in the temple, the center of the Buddhists mind must adapt to a new way of living (New Normal)
   • Wear a mask and prepare alcohol to wash your hands every time you go to temples or make alms bowls.

   • While attending religious ceremonies, you should keep distance, wash your hands when handling things, and avoid close conversations.

   • Prepare alcohol gel or washing area thoroughly in the temple area.

   • The ceremonial area should be open for ventilation; monks keep distance from people.

   • Separate food preparation area, dumping area, good ventilation.

   • Use utensils to scoop, pick up or tongs instead of directly handling the food.

   • Catering should be arranged in individual boxes or packs, or use a personal serving spoon when sharing meals.

   • Keep cleaning the bathroom, especially the points that need to be touched together, wash your hands thoroughly after each use.

        Inside the temple should have good ventilation. The cloisters, churches, worship halls, kitchens and bathrooms are regularly cleaned.

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