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Vision Travel : James Cameron’s Office Director Ten Billion

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2021-08-02 11:14:30

        Our office should change the company name from Lightstorm” to Avatarstorm Jon Landau to pay tribute to the old avatar and for inspiration for the new avatar that is currently being filmed. James Cameron and Lightstorm entertainment decorate the new studio office in Manhattan Beach with the theme of Avatar and Pandora.

        The architect-designer had to watch the movie more than 8 times to bring out the most accurate color theme in every material.

        This 100,000 square foot office features a THX movie screening room, yoga studio and full gym as well as a private room exclusively for Cameron. under the most environmentally friendly design.

        The office has a water filtration system with reusable “Avatar” water bottles for all employees. A vegetarian-only restaurant for 150 cast and crew, and the largest solar panel system in the entertainment business.

        Common decorations in Cameron's office are "things he loves," such as Kate Winslet’s famous necklace from Titanic, wheelchair from Avatar creatures from aliens and props from terminator.

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James Cameron Takes Us Inside His Never-Before -Seen Avatar Inspired Eco-Friendly Offices In Manhattan Beach