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Happy Retirement

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2021-09-30 16:00:47

Happy Retirement

        30th September of every year is the retirement day. Those who work until the age of 60 will have a transition to a new beginning of life. From full-time work to a time of creating good things and values for society.

Guidelines for creating happiness for retirement with 3 principles.

   1. Create value for yourself. Do good things for yourself and others. Don't compare yourself to others. Make small success to be given each day and are happy with what you do.

   2. Build physical and mental health for yourself. Care about food. Regular annual health checks, mental training, meditation practice, clearing mind. Do your favorite activities. Help others.

   3. Create a variety of activities both indoor and outdoor. Activities such as housework, gardening, clubbing, playing sports, exercising according to preferences, tastes, and lifestyle contexts. So that the brain can be used. 

        Academic Resource Center, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University would like to send our best wishes to all retirees this year to have good physical health, good mental health, and have a happy life after retirement.

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