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Gifts and beliefs in Asia

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2021-12-30 14:09:41

        When entering the new year festival, many people are starting to find gifts to give to friends, family members, and respected adults. To send good wishes and remembrance to each other.
        However, did you know that many countries have prohibitions and beliefs about gifts that are not popular to give people.
   – Sharp objects are believed to sever ties and bring bad luck to the recipient.
   - A handkerchief is believed to bring sorrow into the life of the recipient.
   - Shoes, it is believed that giving shoes to lovers will lead to separation.
   - Flowers which are normally used at funerals or have an inauspicious name.
   – Objects consisting of 4 and 9, which are the numbers of death.
   - Knives and scissors, believed to cut ties.
   - Tea, which is used in auspicious occasions.
   - Do not wrap gifts in white paper because it is the color used in funerals.
   – Be careful with gifts that are prohibited from religion, such as liquor, food containing pork.
   - Do not wrap gifts in black and white.
   - Clock, the word clock is synonymous with Chinese words that mean salute to the grave.
   - Prickly pear and umbrella, both of these are synonymous with Chinese words meaning parting.
   - Green hat, because it corresponds to the expression that a couple is having an affair
   -The clock is believed to be a curse, or conveys that your time has run out.
   - Cat related stuff because the sound is similar to the Vietnamese word for poor.
   - Medicine is believed to make the recipient sick.
   - A handkerchief will bring sadness to the recipient.
   - Items that are black and white.

   – Due to Singapore's high ethnic and religious diversity, gifts should take into account both the recipient's religious and ethnic taboos.
   - Do not wrap the gift in white paper.
   – Chrysanthemums and white lilies because it is a flower used in a funeral
- Shoes are believed to bring bad luck to the recipient.

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