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117 years "Sriburapha"

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2022-03-31 15:10:30

117 years of birth, Kulab Saipradit, a gentleman writer under the pen name Sri Burapha

        Kulab Saipradit (31 March 1905 - 16 June 1974) was a writer under the pen name Sriburapha, author of all time classics of Thai literature such as Behind the Scenes, The War of Life, The Man, and the Look Forward.

        Kulab started his life as a writer by writing books at Thepsirin School together with his classmates Prince Akatdamkerng Rapeepat, Sod Kurmarohit, and began to use the pen name Sri Burapha in writing short stories and novels since he was a student.

        Later, Kulab and a group of friends such as Aob Chaiwasu (Humerist) and Malai Chupinit (Mae Anong) united in the name of a group of gentlemen. Together they are the editors of a fortnightly newspaper called Gentlemen, which is the first book that uses the "buy system" of written works by both Thai and foreign writers. To help writing a book as an honorable job and take it as a career.

        In addition the writing works in the genre of short stories, translations, documentaries, articles and poems, all of which have widely influenced the thinking of the next generation of readers. Kulab Saipradit is also a columnist and journalist. He dared to defy tyranny and injustice in society until he was arrested and imprisoned many times. In the end, he had to flee politics to live abroad and died in China.

        UNESCO has honored Kulab Saipradit as an outstanding person of the year 2004 - 2005 in the field of writer and journalist.

        Pen name Sri Burapha is also used as the name of the "Sriburapha" award given to artists, writer, thinker, and journalist, who with valuable contributions that have an exemplary life for society every year.