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What is cheque?

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2021-09-13 14:13:19

        A cheque is a document in the form of an instrument in which a person who is the "payer" instructs the "bank" to pay a certain amount of money upon demand to another person or to pay by the order of another person called the "payee". 

How many types of cheque?

    1. A personal cheque is a cheque that a person pays by cheque. 

   2. A corporate cheque is a cheque that the organization/company pays by cheque. 

   3. A cashier's cheque is a cheque that the bank pays by cheque and clearly specify the name of the payee. 

   4. Gift cheques look like cashier's cheques. Most of them are given to recipients on special occasions. Draft, buyers of drafts are subject to a purchase fee based on the price on the draft page. 

   5. Crossed cheque is a cheque that the payee must deposit the cheque into the account before withdrawing it in cash only. 

   6. Specific crossed cheque is a cheque indicating the name of the bank within a parallel line and the payee must deposit the cheque into the specified bank account only. 

Advantages of using cheque.  

   1. There is a time limit for managing cash for the business to have liquidity in circulation. 

   2. It's safer than paying with cash. 

   3. It is easier to check past transactions than cash transactions because there is evidence of transactions with the bank. 

Read more: https://www.1213.or.th/.../payment/Pages/xx_cheque.aspx

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