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Halloween Trick or Treat

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2022-10-31 15:04:05

        Halloween in English, it comes from the word "All Hallows Eves", meaning "the day before the Solemnity of All Saints" The tradition originally from the Celts in Europe, who believed that October 31st was the day when the dimensions of the dead and the living would be linked, the souls of those who died in the past year will find the bodies of the living to possess, to life again. Therefore, various activities for example, disguise yourself as a ghost, make noise, turn off the lights and fireplaces in the house, as well as decorate houses with various symbols to ward off spirits, demons, and evil.

        Jack O Lantern, a lantern carved from a pumpkin with candles inside is another Halloween memento. This lamp originated in England and Ireland from the tale of the wandering spirits along with it. It was originally made from locally-available turnip heads. As the festival spread to the United States, it was converted to more readily available pumpkins. Placing pumpkin lanterns in front of the house is believed to prevent ghosts from disturbing them.

        Halloween is now a festival for fun. The most exciting activities for children in this festival, dress up and walking around the houses to ask if Trick or Treat chooses to play trick-or-treating or give sweets and candy. For adults there may be a fancy party, playing haunted house, telling ghost stories, watching ghost movies or horror movies.

Story and Illustration: Ratchanok Thongkhaokham