In 2548  the university has announced a new restructuring of the PA government in the university BE 2548 dated 25 April 2548 and then the Office of Academic Technology Services. The primary mission of serving the resource to support teaching and learning. Electronic learning. And information technology consists of four units, including the Office of the Secretary. Service centers and three centers including resource centers. Center for Electronic Learning and Educational Technology. And Technology Center. Each center has a history. Is as follows.

Academic Resource Center

      Resource Center Development of school libraries School Commons. Established on May 17, AD 2480, at the extremities of the tunnel. Temporarily Later moved to the building line suttatip.p NOPPADOL Act 2500 has moved to Building 1 (the Raaga Porn prosperity) has two classes this term, the library began operations everything is universalism later. 2517 Buddhist era year College Commons Library budget has been building two-storey stand-alone building and has been transformed from the library as a library. Teachers College Commons. Under the administration of the Library Director. In addition to the library to study theoretically truly Library Act BE 2518 Teachers College.

      Section 2535 will be received on behalf of Teachers College. King Bhumibol Adulyadej was raised as an "institution" in the section of the library has computer technology to operate. Using MiniMicro CDS / ISIS.

      Act 2538 has changed as a college teacher. "Institution" as a legitimate government and the division of the institution. Has determined that the library has the status changed to "public relations" and the Institute Rajabhat get funds to build the building, Academic Resource Center, 4th floor building was completed in October of the year 2541, after a walkway connecting the library building with the old. new building. To facilitate its users. Later King called "the sixth round and Royal Birthday Anniversary on 15 February 2542 from Academic Resource Center is open to students, faculty and staff of the Institute. Foreword by Alice for Windows to use the program.

      The year 2543 AD was constructed in honor of the 5th to expand the academic texts. For graduate studies and research. Texts including academic texts Rights Commemoration Project. Buddhist Library and Center for Peace. It is open to students from the academic year 2544 year 2544 institute a policy of building a computer center and a library building alongside. It is necessary to demolish the building, the library, the office of secretary. Office of Academic Services. Handicapped library have collapsed. To use the area as part of an office secretary. Move the child to arrange a face-lift, 1st floor hall. Building Commemoration.

      Section 2547 of the National Commission on Education Reform (Sps.) proposed for the institution as a university. As a corporate entity. On June 9, AD 2547 His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Has been graciously pleased. University Act BE 2547 to provide higher education for local development. And announced the Gazette on 10 June BE 2547.

      2548 AD The university is in the process of structural change. And the Office of Academic Services. Changed as a resource center. Depending on the Office of Academic Services and Information Technology. Which reports to the Vice President for Research and Academic Services.


Technology Center

      Office of Information Technology Services, formerly known as the Computer Centre. Announced the establishment of the center. Since the year 2529 the first office building at 127 or 1127 with a goal to provide training and services in the field of computer hardware and Software to the personnel of the agency. Both within and outside the university.

      AD 2529, with the participation of the Department of Electrical Engineering. University. Institute of Technology. Conduct training on the system microprocessor and operating system maintenance. Microcomputer Computer assisted instruction microcomputer architecture etc.

      BE 2529-2532 has made cooperation with the Computer Center. University. Computer instructor development program. To the faculty of the institution's 36 across all six courses total 18 credits, including processing the data file. Programming language Pascal. Analysis and design. Database management system. Operating system And data structures. An instructor in the department of computer training institution through the end of about 250 people.

      From the year 2529 to the present. Computer Center has been providing services to the community. By training courses in computer and information technology to the public, government and private agencies. And third, or about 3,000 more than the 150 version.

      Later in 2542 the Ministry of Education Curriculum. The University Council has a policy to appoint senior executive or CEO is responsible for the IT (Information Technology) Office of Information Technology has been established with the appointment of the CEO.

      Rajabhat Institute Act 2542, announced the establishment of the Office of Information Technology. To provide training services to IT staff and third parties. Service and Administrative IT departments of various institutions and the care plan, the IT Academy institutions has announced the management structure and the authority of the executive and the parties of the court held on 15 November. 2542 and appointed to the Office of Information Technology on May 11, 2543.

      Office of Information Technology's IT Master Plan of Rajabhat Institute in the year 2543, a master plan for the year 2543-2544, the basic support systems or IT Infrastructure. Including high speed network of institutions in the Gigabit System EPR systems for database management systems and Web-based Instruction Institute for Teaching and Learning.

      Until Rajabhat Institute Act 2547 has changed as a university and a year later in 2548 AD by the Office of Information Technology has changed the structure of the new organization. The university. The Information Technology Center. Office of Resource and Information Technology